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Nobody should have to carry the burden of handling a divorce alone. For over 35 years, we have helped over 10,000 clients prepare for the unexpected turns of the divorce process. At Karp & Iancu, our award-winning divorce attorneys meet with you to craft a personalized legal strategy based on your unique interests and concerns. When you’re ready to move forward, we initiate the divorce process and execute the strategy together, allowing you to make informed and thoughtful decisions along the way.

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I've gone through a long and difficult divorce , with many twists, ups and downs. Attorney Iancu has been the most reassuring and supportive all along. Very professional, responsive, knowledgeable and human. In such difficult moments, being in the hands of somebody you can completely trust is invaluable. Xavier M.
We hired David to work on a case that was filed in Wisconsin and we now live in Texas. We have been able to do everything via email and telephone to get this case resolved. David has been nothing short of excellent! He is a great listener and very sharp! Most of all he knows the law and examines every opportunity to defend his client! He helped us WIN our case! Talyia C.
David is very bright and extremely easy to work with. It is clear from day one that he is going to work as hard and as smart as he can to make your situation the best that it can be. My divorce was complicated but he was able to conclude things for less than anticipated with a very good outcome. A very happy customer. Tom B.

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