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Attorney Daniel Blomgren is an experienced advocate for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking to start and grow their companies. At Coepio Legal, we enjoy working with clients to identify and achieve their goals. We provide experienced guidance in starting a business, business contracts, financing, employment, business expansion, purchasing a business, business exits including business sales, merger contracts, acquisition contracts, dissolving a business and more. We truly care about the business that you have created and we are honored to represent and guide you through all avenues of any legal matter. No matter what you need, we are here to represent and assist you.

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Client Reviews

“It was pleasure working with Dan. He was incredibly helpful and professional since the beginning. I especially appreciated the clarity with which he was able to explain to me what I really needed. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone who is looking for a business attorney.” Lucie L.
“Our small business had a great experience working with Dan at Coepio Legal to formalize the terms of our Operating Agreement. He helped us walk through our many questions so that we clearly understood, and we left the experience with a list of additional steps to take to better protect ourselves and our business. We will definitely return again for any future legal questions or issues that we might have.” Michela L.
“Had a great experience with Dan! He is very professional and timely, and he answered our questions in a way that we could understand. Will definitely go back to Dan when we need legal assistance for our small business again!” Meghan C.

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Do you have legal questions about your business in the Bay Area? Don’t search the internet or ask your peers — get fast, reliable, and caring answers from a leading attorney in the state. Daniel Blomgren from Coepio Legal will be happy to provide a free consultation and answer your questions, just reach out today!

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