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Raoul J. Severo has a long history in criminal law. With over 42 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney, he has defended thousands of clients from all walks of life in all aspects of criminal litigation in federal and state courts, and at trial and appellate levels. He is known for his bold approach to criminal defense cases, as well as for his strong argumentative and persuasion skills. There is no higher accolade for a lawyer than the praise that he is "a lawyer's lawyer," one that was received by Mr. Severo on multiple occasions when he literally defended lawyers against criminal charges.

He is an aggressive advocate for his clients' rights. Mr. Severo has a reputation among his colleagues and clients for thinking outside the box when developing strategies, which is a rare and invaluable trait. As a seasoned negotiator, attorney Severo knows the right steps to take for your case. No two cases are alike, and this means he focuses on building strong legal strategies from the ground up.

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Client Reviews

"I would definitely recommend Raoul Severo and his team. Not only were my charges dropped but the professionalism and empathy I was shown gave me confidence knowing that a deeply experienced lawyer was in my corner working just as hard as I would be—if I had been qualified by virtue of education, training, and experience– to obtain the best possible result. For anyone looking for a lawyer he is one of the best hands down." David K.
"This man is a lawyer’s lawyer. If you need an attorney that is experienced in federal and state criminal cases, has a profound knowledge of crimes and criminal procedures and is a shrewd practitioner of the law, Mr. Severo should be your lawyer." Martin S.
"Mr. Severo is a true gentleman a fabulous lawyer and a tremendous human being, passionate about his work and extremely knowledgeable of the law. He is respected within the courthouse by staff, prosecuting attorneys and judges alike. When he takes your case he will fight for you in every way that your legal rights allow. In my opinion Mr. Severo is one of the finest criminal defense attorneys that you could ever wish for!" Rayan

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Raoul J. Severo has been selected as a 2021 Elite Lawyer. Only the most outstanding and experienced attorneys receive the Elite Lawyer Award. The Elite Lawyer Award is a prestigious honor that recognizes an attorney's achievements, skills, and experience in their areas of practice. Attorney Severo is one of the top Criminal Defense attorneys in California.

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