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I am an experienced divorce attorney based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Our firm helps clients with matters such as contested divorce, uncontested divorce, child custody, child support, Christian divorce, military divorce, property division, protection from abuse orders, and more. We focus on your unique needs and strive to make the legal process as convenient as possible. Please contact our office today for solutions and a plan to start a new life.

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Atty Kelli Statt is absolutely ONE OF A KIND. Forget everything you've been told about lawyers. She is compassionate, attentive, very responsive, and always places the interest of the children first. Kelli, her team, and the rest of the office were wonderful to work with. Would highly recommend. Ryan B.
Thank you for your help with my divorce! Although the process was a little complicated since the marriage originally took place in a other country. Everything was done very well, highly recommended for your divorce needs! Agnieszka C.
I would absolutely recommend this office! Everyone was pleasant and professional. Kelli Statt Esq. handled my case, I literally couldn't have asked for better representation! She exceeded my expectations and took care over everything. Thank You SO much!! Jessica D.

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An introductory video for Attorney Kelli Statt Esq. welcoming potential clients to their consultations and describing how she can help a client experiencing a divorce, custody, family law, or other legal matter.

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