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I take pride in my ability to practice law differently. My mission is to become the law firm that your family can turn to repeatedly for personalized and effective representation. While my approach is not always to exert immediate aggression, I am meticulous about giving you the legal voice that you need to get through the challenging times in your life. When aggressive representation is necessary, I am prepared to throw down with the best of them.

Whether dealing with a divorce, custody dispute, adoption or injury, I work for you so that you can place your focus elsewhere. From representing clients on both sides of criminal law to getting results that far exceed client expectations at the start of case, I have built a representation of working tirelessly and maintaining transparency along the way. Working with me is the first step in creating a structured plan to keep your family together (even while living separate lives) or getting you the compensation that you deserve.

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Client Reviews

“I saw Brittany online, there was something there that drew me to her, I knew she would fight for me and she did... Brittany NEVER made me feel as though my feelings just did not matter. I counted in her eyes... I was in fact important to Brittany, or she made me feel this way. All I wanted from this horrible, greedy man was the divorce on the grounds of adultery and for it to be over quickly. She was able to get me exactly what I wanted.” Pam B.
“Attorney Holmes is literally the best at what she does and that is beyond the legal services. She cares and she shows it. So happy to work with her.” Jalyn G.
“Attorney Holmes is definitely a great addition to the family court area in Beaufort County. Attorney Holmes is easy to converse with and is definitely the kind of attorney who puts your needs at the forefront and allows you the opportunity to talk about your concerns without judging and yet giving real honest advice on how to work towards fixing matters versus seeing them fester into bigger issues. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!” Jarvis W.

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