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Criminal defense is a specialized area of law with consequences that are far more serious than any other area because it is always about basic human freedom. It requires an attorney with experience, intelligence, and creativity to properly fight government charges from arrest through trial. As a trial lawyer with experience in complex criminal cases, rest assured that if I take your case, it will only be after a thorough review has led to an honest and strong belief in it. Likewise, if it is clear to me that you will be better served elsewhere I will be equally honest with you about that.

As a deputy public defender in Riverside County for 11 years, I worked on some of the most serious and violent felonies that came through the office. Prior to that, I worked as a deputy public defender in Los Angeles where I went to trial regularly in all types of misdemeanor and felony cases. I entered private practice to be able to give greater attention to these kinds of cases and I will enlist the finest experts and investigators as needed in your defense.

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Client Reviews

Recently, this year I had a legal issue. After searching online I chose and retained Mr. Schiff. From the start, Mr. Schiff listened to me explain my case. He was straight to the point, transparent and very professional. His demeanor is calm and friendly…Mr. Schiff never left me guessing and was always willing to answer any questions…He knows his way around the courtrooms and is very knowledgeable…It is hard to find a good attorney but I would highly recommend Mr. Schiff. You will feel as if he is on your side – because he is…In the end my case was dismissed and my arrest record sealed. Jose H.
Ben Schiff represented my son during a recent parole hearing. After 4 such hearings, my son was finally granted parole. When he called to tell me the great news, he exclaimed, ''My attorney did an awesome job, mom!'' He explained how Ben was very aware of his particular needs and personality issues and felt that such intimate knowledge made all the difference in the success of this hearing. As his mother, even some months before the hearing, Ben impressed me by calling me long distance for an unhurried chat during which he asked a lot of questions, listened carefully and gave me some tips. If I ever need a defense attorney or know of someone who does, I will definitely recommend Ben! I felt like he wanted to know his client and genuinely cared, even though I knew he wasn't making much money on this kind of case. D. Wagner
Mr. Schiff is an excellent defense attorney with experience in all areas of adult criminal and juvenile delinquency courts. Mr. Schiff is always intelligent and prepared in his work. Along with his work ethic, his ability to work well with the parties involved in cases permits the best outcome for clients. Mr. Schiff is fluent in both English and Spanish and can use either language as a a client wishes. As a defense attorney, my test for recommending a defense attorney is always whether I would want the person to represent me or my family and Mr. Schiff meets and exceeds that bar. Devin

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