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With over 20 years of experience, Herman Martinez has the necessary skills to pursue a favorable outcome in your DWI case. At the Martinez Law Firm, there is a comprehensive understanding of criminal law and Houston court procedures. Herman uses his skill to help you navigate through every step of your case. With former prosecuting experience, Herman knows what is at stake and has knowledge from both sides to pursue the results you deserve. Get a trusted, award-winning DWI defense lawyer in your corner.

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I'm thankful for hiring Mr. Martinez as my lawyer. He has your best interest. I was charged with 3 cases he was able to get my 1 misdemeanor Dismissed and MOST IMPORTANT the Felony Dismissed. I would recommend him over anyone else. He will fight for you. He won't give up. His honest and I can't thank him enough for representing me for a second time. Diana P.
Mr. Martinez is a genius DWI lawyer. The best DWI lawyer in Houston Texas if you ask me. This guy is sharp, on the ball and quick to the punch. He also represented my family in our case. When it comes a DUI lawyer defense in Houston Texas…..You HAVE to call Herman! Nicole E.
Great lawyer! Mr. Martinez answered the call himself from the start on a weekend, there on it was straight to the point I only went to court twice and by the third time I already had my case dismissed. His assistant is also extremely helpful-Natalie. I would highly recommend. Steven G.

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At the Martinez firm, we will fight for you and your rights throughout your case. The more you know about your DWI case, the better. That’s why we will keep you informed every step of the way. Here, Herman Martinez explains some important things to know about your DWI case. He has extensive experience as a former prosecutor and judge and will use this to pursue a favorable outcome for you.

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