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No Jail Time, No Criminal Record

Facing criminal charges is a serious situation for anyone. Whether a person is being accused of a felony or a misdemeanor, the penalties that result from a criminal trial often impact the rest of their life. Jail time, fines, and a damaged reputation are the repercussions that Abt Law Firm, LLC fights to prevent our clients from unfairly facing. Those in the Atlanta area need the representation of Abt Law Firm.

With over 24 years of experience, Mr. Abt and his team have the tools needed to protect your rights aggressively. We know that every story has two sides and will make sure your version of events is heard by the court. After over 2,500 cases, we are proud to be the positive force of change that each of our clients needed—we find results where other firms say there is no hope.

Mr. Abt and his team have in-depth experience with almost every criminal court throughout the entire State of Georgia. He is ready to use his established reputation to build a strong case that seeks charges to be dropped, acquitted, or even dismissed!

Abt Law Firm handles nearly every aspect of criminal defense including simple misdemeanors and complex felonies. Mr. Abt is also qualified to handle federal cases and will represent you in federal court if needed.

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Client Reviews

"Mr. Abt and his staff took the time to research my daughter's case and was able to have her charges dismissed. He kept her from having to serve any jail time. I highly recommend this firm. I am a firm believer in 'you get what you pay for.'" Donna
"Mr. Abt was absolutely amazing. My son is from Florida and was facing multiple serious charges including drug trafficking. I am so thankful and happy i found this man! He and his whole team Mr Ware and Allison we beyond wonderful. He was always honest and up front, fought the long fight. Got my son's case DISMISSED! Ever get in trouble in Georgia better call Jay Abt...i am astonished at what he did...totally ecstatic." Vicki
"I had a son who was charged with dealing drugs and was facing a 40 year prison sentence. Mr. Abt kept my child out of jail - our family is indebted to him for taking the time and knowledge to try our case. I can't imagine going through our jury trial without Mr. Abt. Thank you Jay!" Mark

Meet the Attorney

E. Jay Abt’s victories for clients have earned him media coverage and his experience has made him a leading legal consultant for news outlets. E. Jay Abt has appeared on: Fox News, CNN, NBC, Fox 5, and Channel 2 Action News.

In this video, Jay Abt gives legal analysis for Headline News on a case where a woman sent a man 159,000 texts after one date.

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