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HLF is based in SF Bay Area, and works throughout Calif. We are real estate centric, trial lawyers. Ours is not a residential LLRD/TNT practice. We focus on easement, boundary, and non-disclosure dispute work. We also take partition, breach of purchase agreement and RE broker negligence cases. Now, we are working with our clients on COVID-19 commercial Lease workouts, and purchase delays.

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Client Reviews

As a real estate agent, having a list of professional and knowledgeable vendors that I can rely on, from Stagers to Plumbers, is a MUST for my own success. Christopher Hanson, Attorney at Law, is the only name on my vendor list for a recommended real estate attorney and firm. His expertise is second to none! Peggy
Christopher is the rare attorney who understands business as well as the law. While he’s an extremely talented attorney, he also understands and can articulate the business advantages of specific legal strategies. I’ve always enjoyed working with Christopher, and have gotten consistently great results. I highly recommend his work Melane
Christopher Hanson and his crew of top notch Real Estate Attorney’s have EXTENSIVE REAL ESTATE EXPERIENCE. I highly recommend Christopher Hanson to those who want their real deals and/or real estate problems represented properly, the first time. Bill

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At HLF we prepare a weekly series of "War Stories" and post them on our website and YouTube. They cover new and interesting case decisions, and, we hope, give some insight on what to do, or not. This particular video covers "as is" clauses.

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