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100% of My Practice is Dedicated to DUI Defense

There are over a million laws in the United States and thousands in Ohio alone. My entire practice is dedicated to one—the law that prohibits drinking and driving. Because of my concentrated focus, I’m able to offer a very high level of service in DUI defense. My primary goals in most DUI case are as follows: (a) keep my clients out of jail; (b) keep a DUI off of their record; and (c) get their drivers' license back as quickly as possible.

I have almost twenty years of experience and I handle about a hundred DUI cases every year. I regularly attend national conferences and seminars on the latest topics in DUI Defense and I’m a member of the DUI Defense Lawyers Association (DUIDLA).

If you have a DUI case anywhere in the Cincinnati area and want a serious DUI lawyer on your team, please call me for a free phone consultation.

Client Reviews

Absolute best DUI lawyer! I blew a 0.156 BAC (almost double) the legal limit in an area notoriously strict on DUIs (OVIs) and Jeremiah managed to keep the DUI off my record. From a 0.156 to a low-level traffic offense, which another lawyer told me wasn't even possible. If there is a way out of your situation, Jeremiah Denslow will find it. David C.
Best DUI defense attorney. Highly recommend. Helped me get a DUI with a CDL dropped down to reckless driving. He had my license back the week after and no license suspension. Great guy that leads you in the right direction. Drake L.
Absolutely outstanding! Even after a .161 breath test, he was able to get my DUI charges lowered to nothing more than a minor traffic citation. He also went out of his way to help me get my license back sooner than I could have hoped. I was worried about losing everything, but because of Jeremiah, that did not happen. Justin B.

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