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When your life and freedom are on the line you cannot afford to risk settling for a “good” Criminal Defense Attorney, you need to hire the best. The best means the most experienced, most successful, most knowledgeable, and most respected. You need Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Dwane Cates. Dedicated to preserving your rights, Dwane attacks each situation armed with his own unique arsenal of tools garnered and sharpened with 25 years of experience and augmented by a track record of outstanding success.

Integrity and Professionalism

A man who still subscribes to the philosophy that “a man’s word is his bond,” Dwane Cates is the very embodiment of integrity and professionalism. If Dwane accepts your case that’s exactly what you can depend on. This Board Certified, award-winning Arizona Criminal Attorney works with you personally and directly. You’ll have direct contact via his personal cell number. Committed to providing superb, tireless, and dedicated representation, Dwane will be at your side every step of the way.

Expert Arizona Criminal Attorney

An attorney who respects and honors our justice system, Dwane is also an expert in navigating the intricacies of how it works and how it can work for you. He knows and understands the players, worked with and socializes with them and these relationships coupled with an intuitive comprehension of what constitutes a successful defense, enjoys the respect and admiration of colleagues and clients alike. When faced with a serious charge he’s the man you want in your corner.

To fully appreciate the talent and skill of this indisputably stellar Arizona Criminal Attorney, you need to understand a history that began right out of law school when he fearlessly opened his own practice. Relying only upon his passion for the law and the belief that everyone deserves the best possible representation, he was soon inundated with clients vying for his services.

A Reputation for Getting the Job Done!

Word of mouth is powerful and perhaps the truest form of referral and that’s exactly how Dwane’s practice became a virtual overnight success. Soon people were coming to him with concerns that were as varied as they were numerous. Based solely on his apparent dedication and ever-expanding knowledge, new clients came to him with everything from trust litigation to wrongful death, to civil cases and everything in between. Always fully transparent, Dwane would tell them if it was an area he had never handled, but it didn’t matter. They knew, based on an already impressive list of achievements that he would be the best man to fight for their cause. If it was an area that he had not personally dealt with, Dwane would immediately submerge himself in the subject, burrowing deep to become as proficient and knowledgeable as anyone with years of hands-on experience. Education is something that he has both tremendous respect for and continues to seek out even after nearly a quarter of a century of success.

Specializing in Criminal Defense

As the years passed and Dwane’s career flourished, he found that he was drawn to one of the most challenging areas of the law, criminal defense. Today, as a nationally recognized leader in his field, and acknowledged as the premier Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney, Dwane is frequently called upon for his expert advice and commentary on some of the most notorious, headline cases in the country and around the world. For Dwane the law is not just a profession, it’s his passion. He will tell you he wakes every morning, and the first thing on his mind are his clients. This is the kind of dedication, commitment, and unqualified skill you want on your side.

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Client Reviews

“Dwane Cates did an Excellent job for me and I Highly RECOMMEND HIM. I had a very complicated case. He conceived the proper strategy, though I did question it at the time, he executed the strategy perfectly and delivered the results I and soo wanted.” Kevin
“I don't know where I would be without this lawyer. Dwane helped me as my counsel through an extremely difficult situation. He was extremely responsive and helpful throughout the entire process. His defense as my attorney nearly brought me to tears. Dwane is dedicated, efficient, and cares deeply about his work. If you are in a crisis and in need of assistance, trust that Dwane will do everything in his power to work toward the best possible outcome. I am forever grateful for the freedom that he fought to obtain for me.” Anonymous
“Mr Cates is professional, helpful, explained the entire process and got me great results. I recommend him if you want someone knowledgeable fighting for you.” Daniel

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