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Criminal Defense

Milwaukee criminal defense attorney John A. Birdsall has more than 30 years of experience and has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted and victorious criminal defense attorneys in the State of Wisconsin. With over 260 jury trials, mostly for serious felonies, he has an acquittal rate that is three times the state average.

John’s practice is focused exclusively on defending the wrongly accused, and he has recently made headlines for his defense of a client named Eddie Gill. After being accused of shooting and killing a Milwaukee resident, John helped uncover that the police had interrogated Gill into confessing when he was in fact not involved at all. Gill was merely a witness to the crime, and John was able to defend his rights and have the case dismissed and all of the charges against Gill dropped. John has been able to help several clients like Gill defend their rights and ensure that they are getting the best results no matter what the charges are against them.

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Client Reviews

He is always available and it is clear that the needs and well-being of his clients come first. My situation was a challenging one and he helped me navigate both the legal and professional aspects of my case with skill and precision. Rob
Attorney Birdsall is passionate and experienced. Any client would benefit from his expert representation. Thomas A.
John is a very busy lawyer. But he is never too busy to reply to his clients and spend as much time with them as they need. He was responsive to every call, text, and email. We always felt like we had the best representation on our side and our entire family will be forever grateful. Susan

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