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I am an accomplished and experienced criminal defense attorney dedicated to helping clients in matters such as felonies, misdemeanors, DWIs, juvenile criminal defense, traffic tickets, expunctions, and more. I am passionate about upholding the law and defending the rights of others. I will give you personalized attention and make your case my priority.

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Client Reviews

“John Cox law is absolutely amazing at taking care of their clients. They always have their clients best interests in mind. I recently retained Atty Arlind Kastrati from John Cox Law for a DWI and it wasn't my first or even my second one so I was definitely looking at some serious jail time if I was convicted…” Chris
“Well I have to give this man 2 thumbs up. If I had more thumbs to give I would give him those too. Just so everyone knows how good this man is. I am a convicted felon. I became a felon 16 years ago and have been a Good Boy...” David
“I got pulled going 82 in a 65 in Alamance County. John W Cox was just about the highest rated traffic lawyer I could find on Google, so I gave his office a call. His staff are extremely friendly and informative, and walked me through what I should expect…” Benji

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